Bands in Austin - Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves!

The grooves is one of the best local Austin Bands for hire

You've discovered one of the best local Austin bands for hire, This spectacular affordable Austin band is the best show and dance band you will find and specializes in weddings, corporate events, and fund raisers. With an amazing combination of different genres of music, this band covers the gammit of all hit favorites, old and new and has proven to be the cream of the crop. The Grooves band always plays the right songs at the right time at the right volume and is known as a heavyweight in the dance band category in Austin and across Texas. The band leader acts as MC for all events at your party and the band comes fully self contained providing all lights and sound and is totally turnkey for all events. Performing for Fortune 500 companies, weddings and even the largest of events, this group of musicians is always a crowd pleaser and proves time and time again to bring the house down with an energetic, charismatic and spectacular performance. If you're looking for the best top 40 cover bands in Austin, look no further than the Grooves.

The Grooves perfomances span the last 25 years including but limited to

»Johnsons and Johnson »Ford
» IBM » Schumberger
» Intel »Sony
» Best Buy » Kraft
» Century 21 » Kellogs
» Honda » Cisco Systems
» Southwest Airlines» General Electric
» Mitsubishi Motors » Fidelity Mutual
» IBM» National Instruments
» Coldwell Banker » Canon
» GMAC » Oracle
» Caterpillar » Mercedes-Benz

this is only a partial list as the list goes into the hundreds...

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Congratulations Tyler and Abbey! You folks rocked it!

The Grooves are considered the best in entertainment of Austin bands for hire

The Grooves have been touted as one of the hottest bands in Austin since 1991and always show their clients a rollicking good time. The Grooves offer several lineups from a 5 piece band for smaller functions all the way up to a 10 piece band complete with three female vocalists and a four piece horn section in addition to the core band for even the largest events. The band can wear tuxedo all night or wear outrageous costumes to entertain the most picky of clientele. Don't risk your party on a band that's not tried and true, pick one of the Austin bands for hire that's proved time after time to get your guests on the dance floor..... The Grooves!

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About bands In Austin for hire

One of the best bands in Austin for hire is right here. The Grooves got their start in Austin 25 years ago and made their way to the top of bands in Austin with their keen ability to pick songs based on crowd response, keeping the energy flowing through the night and building the excitement to the very end. Bands in Austin command a certain respect as being the best in the state largely due to the large musician population in Austin TX. The Grooves band has been touted as the best Austin wedding enertainment since their inception in 1991.

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The Mountain of Austin TX Bands

There have always been many famous groups in Austin. From Willie Nelson, to Spoon to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, you'll find many groups that have made it big. The Grooves are the best of Austin TX bands in the dance, variety genre and always get your dance on.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds also hale from this musician saturated town as well as Don Walser and Black Angels. Walser's majestic yodeling and country style was as glorious as a Texas sunset and is as much the style of Austin as anything. He cut his eyeteeth on Burnet Road playing an old Beer joint in 1990 and his crowd was everything from cowboy hat wearing rednecks to punk rockers and 60's styles.

The Grooves are one of the Austin groups that have stood the test of time and are still playing over 100 shows a year in Austin and all across Texas.

Other musicians in Austin are , Monty Montgomery, Dexter Freebish and Gary Clark Jr. to mention a few.

By Ron Johnson

Congratulations Kori and Andrew! We had a blast at your reception!


The Four Fatal Mistakes made when Hiring Austin bands For Your Corporate Event, Wedding or Fund Raiser

Having a liveAustin band at your party is the best way to show your party goers the best time possible and insures that a great time will be had by all provided you hire the right band.  It's not as easy as just finding a group of talented musicians that sound great together.  There are certain types of bands that are custom made for the different age groups and demographics that attend weddings, corporate events and fund raisers.  There are also certain pitfalls that planners fall into when they hire a band for these events.  I'll cover each one of these in detail to insure that your choice of band insures a home run at your event.
First and foremost, if you want people to dance, don't hire an all original band, there are lots of Austin bands that play all original music but you want to hire a cover band that specializes in dance music.  Even if your crowd is not going to be dancing, your best bet is to have a band that plays radio favorites that everyone knows and loves rather than having a band that plays music that no one knows. Even if the original band has one hit on the radio, most folks will not know the majority of the songs which will make for a very dull night.
Another major pitfall that I've seen other Austin bands make all the time in my 25 years of performing for these types of events is that the planner has a theme and tries to match the band to the theme of the party.  Currently, for example, Great Gatsby themed events are very popular and the planner will try to hire a 1920's band to match the time period of the theme.  While a great roaring 20's theme band might be entertaining for 30 minutes or even an hour, most parties have the band playing for four hours and after the first set, everyone will be sick to death of roaring 20's music that they have never heard before and this will result in an empty dance floor and guests leaving the party early.  Other theme bands that I've seen fall flat at events include 50's tribute bands, Woodstock themed bands, and Beatles Tribute bands.  These bands can work for a very limited audience demographic, but rarely work at 99% of events.  A variety Austin band that covers lots of different eras and styles is your best bet to insure that the dance floor stays packed all night and that everyone stays and has a ball till the end of the event.  Some bands even pick eras and styles of songs based on crowd response and that band that does this is your ace in the hole at insuring a super successful event.
Don't pick the songs for your band by guessing what your crowd wants to here or what your favorite songs are. Only experience performing  tells you what songs work for what demographic of people.  Most professional Austin bands see night after night what songs go over for what age groups and will know exactly what to play by merely looking at the age group of the audience.  When you pick what songs your cover band can play, you stop them from being able to pick the appropriate songs that they know from experience will get the people on the dance floor and get the energy of the party hopping.  Any professional cover band will know what songs to play and what songs not to play to get the energy up and insure that your party is a home run, so trust their experience and expertise.   If they are a working band that has years of experience then they are professionals and will know what songs to play at what time.
Last, make certain that the band is not too loud. This can be done by viewing the band ahead of time or just seeing if the band uses electronic drums. May Austin bands use acoustic drums which can be quite loud.  Electronic drums sound perfect at all volumes whereas acoustic drums are very loud and require a very loud volume through the sound system to make them sound good.  Unless the band has a very light hitting drummer, electronic drums is the professional route to sounding great at all volumes and being able to turn down very quietly for cocktail hours or dinner sets.  Having a band that is very loud not only makes it impossible for your guests to talk but also will make lots of your guests run for the door, especially older guests.
To recap, hire a band that has a good variety of very popular hits, don't pick the songs that your band can play, don't try to match the band to the theme of your event, and make certain the band performs at a comfortable volume. These tips will help you knock it out of the park at your event.




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"Holy moly, our guests danced nonstop! What an amazing group of entertainers. Their songs appealed to young and old and I was impressed on how they could play so quietly during dinner and then rock the house during the dancing portions of the night! I got so many compliments all night from family and friends asking where i found this great band."

Georgia Salines

"I would like to take the time to tell you what a splendid job you did entertaining us at my daughter's wedding! My brother hired you to perform at his daughters wedding and that was when I new I had to have you for Cheryl's wedding. When friends talk about Cheryl's wedding reception they always mention "magical" and that it was like a fairytale ball. We all danced so much that i think we wore out our shoes! We hated for the night to end but were so worn out that i don't think we could have danced anymore.Ron, you were the most professional of the wedding vendors and I don't think the night could have been more perfect!"

Mary McMasterson

"I give you 5 stars! The music was the most important part of our party and you came through in flying colors. We all loved your variety and it never ceased to amaze us how much you sound like the original artists going from Wagon Wheel, to Uptown Funk to Sweet Home Alabama and sounding just like all the orginals. We went and previewed about 10 bands in Austin in nightclubs and after we saw your performance at Cedar Street we new you were the ones for us. Thank you for inviting us out, we had a great time at Cedar Street Courtyard. We will put the word in with the hire ups to get you for our Christmas party again."

Billy Jackson

"Ron, I just wanted you and your amazing singers to know how much we enjoyed your music at our wedding. The Grooves were fantastic! Your band's performance was everything that we hoped for and there were more people dancing there than you could shake a stick at. Ron, you also did a fabulous job as MC for our wedding and kept the night flowing smoothly Your femle vocalist Jessica was an incredible performer and "owned it" the whole net and really got our crowd going."

Jennifer Jordan

"I was clueless about picking a live band but Jerry had to have one and it was just what the party needed to pull our fantasy party together! The band was absolutely marvelous and their song list was perfect for all the different ages at the party, the music rocked, and the bands sets fit perfectly with our agenda! We had the 7 piece band and it was the perfect amount of energy to cap off the end of our program."

Brian Green

"I was very impressed at how professional the band was from booking to the end of the performance. I was worried the band would be too loud for our older guests but the volume could not have been more perfect. Thank you for announcing the giveaways during your breaks, I was too scared to get on the microphone. Our whole goal was to get everyone up and dancing after the awards and your band definitely started a dance extravaganza!"

"Not only were you just perfect for our event but I was so happy to find out that you were also affordable and well within our budget. We will definitely have you back again next year!"

Maria Gonzales

"Your band is such an amazing group! You played together seamlessly and played all our favorites old and new. Ron, i can't thank you enough for being so accomodating with our program and your crew was so pleasant and fun to work with. Be sure and tell them all how much we enjoyed the show."

Roby Bush


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