Bands in Austin - Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves!

Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves
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the grooves - best bands in Austin
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Austin Bands for hire- Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves!

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Live from Austin, Texas! The Grooves are one of the best Austin bands, performing all across the entire state of Texas for weddings, corporate parties, and any other parties where you want the dance floor packed and people having a ball. This group's show is an exciting combination of rock and roll, Motown, oldies, disco, classic rock, country, standards, swing, eighties dance, plus current dance.The Grooves band is perfect for your corporate party, wedding reception, birthday party or any event where you want to guarantee a great time. Revered as one of the great Austin dance bands, this super group plays not only in Austin but in any city in Texas. This local Austin band can also transform themselves into a variety show band complete with outrageous costumes and crowd participation and is uniquely one of the best Austin live bands to turn your party into a dance extravaganza! Fortune 500 companies love The Grooves and have them again and again.

The Grooves have played for thousands of events both public and private including:

» The Miss U.S.A. Pageantaustin music» Century 21
» Valero Energyhouston music» Suez Energy
» Santa Fe Energydallas music » American Red Cross
» Dellaustin wedding music» McDonald’s
» American Boilerhouston wedding music» Exxon
» Baker Hughesbands austin tx» Toyota
» Southwest Airlinesaustin corporate party music» General Electric
» Blue Cross Blue Shieldbands austin» Bank of America
» IBMdallas corporate party music» National Instruments
» Mobilaustin private party music» Conoco
» AIGhouston private party music» Apple
» General Motorsdallas private party music» Chevron

and the list of satisfied customers goes on...

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  • The Grooves are considered the best in entertainment of bands in Austin

    This Austin bands mission is to deliver an electrifying show at weddings, corporate parties and fund raisers. The Grooves offer a small version of the group for small functions, but can also expand this already knockout band into a ten piece super group for even the largest of events. In effect, The Grooves can perform many different styles depending on what style you want. This local Austin band has over one hundred seventy songs in their repertoire and can play several hours of one style of music if you prefer, such as country, standards, or disco. Be sure and check out our live video which was shot at Cool River Cafe in Austin, Texas. The Grooves are one of the hottest party bands in Austin consisting of some of the most phenomenal musicians in Austin, Texas. This great group is the best of bands Austin TX for your wedding reception, corporate party, gala, debutante ball, birthday party, barmitzvah or other special event be it in Austin or anywhere in Texas. This super dance group also performs in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and all across Texas. Don't take a chance on your entertainment, guarantee a rollicking good time with one of the Austin bands for hire that's proved time and again to get the crowd off their feet and on the dance floor..... The Grooves!

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    About The Grooves In Austin

    The Grooves are one of the best bands in Austin for weddings, corporate parties and fundraiser galas. They were formed in 1991 and immediately rose to the top of bands in Austin with their huge song selection and ability to "play to the crowd" switching styles and genres to keep the dance floor packed and the energy of the party hopping all night long. Bands in Austin have always had a stigma for being the best bands in the state hailing from Austin, Texas, the "Live music capital of the world" with more bands per capita than any other city in the world. If the truth was known, it is probably the competition from so many live musical groups competiting against each other for gigs that makes them good. With so many groups in one area, each band has to fine tune its showmanship, delivering the most exciting energetic show that it can to keep one step ahead of the next group.

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    The Mountain of Austin TX Bands

    It has been said that Austin, Texas has more groups per amount of people in this one city than any other city the world over but whether that is true remains to be proven. There are tons of musicians in this city though and just glancing at the scheduled groups in night clubs in the newpapers can no doubt comfirm that there are an incredible amount of groups in Austin.

    Many stories contradict why Austin became such a musician saturated town but as musicians got signed in this town, other musicians from around the country began to think that they could get signed too if they moved there and thus started a great influx of musicians into a town that has no music industry or record labes to sign them. Most music industry and record labels reside in Hollywood, New York City and Nashville.

    The Grooves are one of the groups that specialize in weddings and corporate parties and are going strong after more than 24 years on the scene. Many musicians that have made it really had to break the mold and come up with a very unique style to make it in this saturated music scene.

    This town is however, bursting with famouse musicians such as Willie Nelson, Stevie Vaughn, Jimmy Buffet, , , Monty Montgomery, Dexter Freebish and Gary Clark Jr. to mention a few.

    By Ron Johnson

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