Motown Bands Austin TX- Texas' Best Motown band is The Grooves!

Motown Bands in Austin - Austin's best motown band is the Grooves!

The grooves is one of the best local Austin Motown Bands for hire

The Grooves is the best of Austin Motown bands for hire, This spectacular affordable Motown band is the best show and dance band you will find in town. Ever since The Grooves were formed in 1991, they’ve captivated audiences across Texas and have become the number one band to hire when you want to have the event of a lifetime. The Grooves consistently provide the most stellar Motown experience any crowd can find in Texas with the right combination of gusto and swagger that keeps everyone on the dance floor all night long. The band travels statewide performing the greatest Motown hits for countless events including wedding receptions, corporate parties, Holiday parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, Bar Mitzvahs and reunions. Corporate parties are always on the band’s calendar and these companies love The Grooves and have them back year after year. The Grooves are a high energy variety show band and can add exciting costumes to turn your party into a truly outrageous dance extravaganza with the right mix of Motown and today’s favorite dance music!

The Grooves have played the hottest Motown hits since their inception in 1991

The Grooves’ mission is to deliver the perfect laid back dinner set if needed and then come out with a high energy show that electrifies all ages. The Grooves offer a small version of the Motown group for small functions, or a custom size to meet budget or space requirements, going from 3 piece band all the way up to a 10 piece super group. In effect, The Grooves can provide more than just an amazing Motown experience for even the most eclectic crowds that need a little more diversity throughout the night. The band can transform from a Motown act into a band that plays whatever style of music the night demands such as country, rock, standards or even disco. With an exciting variety of hit songs in their repertoire, The Grooves band is one of the hottest party bands in Austin TX consisting of some of the most amazing musicians Texas has to offer. Don’t take a chance on your entertainment! Instead, guarantee a rocking good time with the band that’s proved year after year to get the crowd off of their seats and on the dance floor!

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The Grooves are a favorite of affordable Austin Motown bands for weddings, corporate events and fund raisers. The Grooves Motown review is perfect for all the different age groups at wedding receptions and corporate parties and can make your event a smash! There are countless Austin bands but none with an awesome Motown recipe like The Grooves. 

Our Motown review travels all across Texas for all types of events

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The Grooves are the perfect Motown band that was formed in Austin back in 1991 and immediately rose to the top of Austin bands. With such a huge song selection and the unique ability to play what the crowd wants to hear, The Grooves are able to keep the dance floor packed with high energy and the party jumping all night long. Motown hits always keep the crowd yelling for more, especially when the The Grooves play songs from artists like Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers, Glad ys Knight on so on. Being from the “live music capital of the world” with more bands per capita than any other city, The Grooves know what it takes to shine above the rest and bring the ultimate live Motown party to your audience and beyond.

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Congratulations Kori and Andrew! We had a blast at your reception!


The Four Fatal Mistakes made when Hiring Austin bands For Your Corporate Event, Wedding or Fund Raiser

Having a liveAustin band at your party is the best way to show your party goers the best time possible and insures that a great time will be had by all provided you hire the right band.  It's not as easy as just finding a group of talented musicians that sound great together.  There are certain types of bands that are custom made for the different age groups and demographics that attend weddings, corporate events and fund raisers.  There are also certain pitfalls that planners fall into when they hire a band for these events.  I'll cover each one of these in detail to insure that your choice of band insures a home run at your event.
First and foremost, if you want people to dance, don't hire an all original band, there are lots of Austin bands that play all original music but you want to hire a cover band that specializes in dance music.  Even if your crowd is not going to be dancing, your best bet is to have a band that plays radio favorites that everyone knows and loves rather than having a band that plays music that no one knows. Even if the original band has one hit on the radio, most folks will not know the majority of the songs which will make for a very dull night.
Another major pitfall that I've seen other Austin bands make all the time in my 25 years of performing for these types of events is that the planner has a theme and tries to match the band to the theme of the party.  Currently, for example, Great Gatsby themed events are very popular and the planner will try to hire a 1920's band to match the time period of the theme.  While a great roaring 20's theme band might be entertaining for 30 minutes or even an hour, most parties have the band playing for four hours and after the first set, everyone will be sick to death of roaring 20's music that they have never heard before and this will result in an empty dance floor and guests leaving the party early.  Other theme bands that I've seen fall flat at events include 50's tribute bands, Woodstock themed bands, and Beatles Tribute bands.  These bands can work for a very limited audience demographic, but rarely work at 99% of events.  A variety Austin band that covers lots of different eras and styles is your best bet to insure that the dance floor stays packed all night and that everyone stays and has a ball till the end of the event.  Some bands even pick eras and styles of songs based on crowd response and that band that does this is your ace in the hole at insuring a super successful event.
Don't pick the songs for your band by guessing what your crowd wants to here or what your favorite songs are. Only experience performing  tells you what songs work for what demographic of people.  Most professional Austin bands see night after night what songs go over for what age groups and will know exactly what to play by merely looking at the age group of the audience.  When you pick what songs your cover band can play, you stop them from being able to pick the appropriate songs that they know from experience will get the people on the dance floor and get the energy of the party hopping.  Any professional cover band will know what songs to play and what songs not to play to get the energy up and insure that your party is a home run, so trust their experience and expertise.   If they are a working band that has years of experience then they are professionals and will know what songs to play at what time.
Last, make certain that the band is not too loud. This can be done by viewing the band ahead of time or just seeing if the band uses electronic drums. May Austin bands use acoustic drums which can be quite loud.  Electronic drums sound perfect at all volumes whereas acoustic drums are very loud and require a very loud volume through the sound system to make them sound good.  Unless the band has a very light hitting drummer, electronic drums is the professional route to sounding great at all volumes and being able to turn down very quietly for cocktail hours or dinner sets.  Having a band that is very loud not only makes it impossible for your guests to talk but also will make lots of your guests run for the door, especially older guests.
To recap, hire a band that has a good variety of very popular hits, don't pick the songs that your band can play, don't try to match the band to the theme of your event, and make certain the band performs at a comfortable volume. These tips will help you knock it out of the park at your event.




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WOW!! What a great Motown performance from The Grooves!!! My wife and I were searching for the right Motown wedding band for months after hearing crazy stories about other weddings and the bands they hired. We were so worried that the band wasn’t going to be good but The Grooves really made the reception the party of the season with their stellar show! They were absolutely professional on and off stage. Ron, the band leader, was so easy to work with and helped the coordinator make sure everything was right on schedule. We’re so happy with the band we chose and WOW, was it worth the wait. I’ve already recommended them to my other friends who are getting married soon and they’re actually playing my wife’s friend’s wedding in August. Thanks guys!! It was the time of our lives!

Jeremy Hicks

SPECTACULAR NIGHT!!!! The Grooves played one heck of a Motown show and made sure to get everybody on that dance floor on Saturday night! My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary this weekend and I made sure to call The Grooves after my friend recommended them. They played his wedding 4 years ago and he still raves about them to this day!! The band did not disappoint and the song selection kept everybody moving throughout the night. Hire them if you want your guests talking about them for months to come!

Patrick McGregor

If you’re looking to throw the party of the year, look no further!!! This band played our company Christmas party this year and ROCKED IT!! They played all those great songs that my friends and I grew up with. We were concerned about their song selection since they had such an extensive list on their website, so we had a few song requests just in case and they nailed them all. They even played two more songs for us that weren’t on the list. We were so impressed by how easy it was to work with them and how accommodating they were to our schedule. Ron Ronhaar is the guy to call and he made sure to keep in touch all the way up to the week before the show to make sure everything was in order before they arrived. Great band! Great night! Can’t wait to see them again!!

Lisa Maloney  

Look no further, I grew up in a family of musicians so I know a good band when I see one. Ron and The Grooves were so versatile they played songs from different genres effortlessly. It was as if they wrote the songs themselves! Plus, The Band was kind enough to let my sister up on stage and sing a song with them. She’s still bragging about it to her friends, Everyone loved it!

Robert Lozano  

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