Houston Bands - Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves

Houston Cover Bands for hire- Texas' favorite cover band is The Grooves!

The Grooves are the wedding and corporate favorite of local Houston cover bands for hire, getting the crowd off their feet and onto the dance floor in Houston, and across venues in the entire state of Texas. This affordable Houston cover Band's performance is a great combination of the greatest hits from 50's to the popular dance music of now. The Grooves band specializes in corporate and wedding events and are well known since 1991 for their uncanny ability to please all ages with their outrageous, energetic performance which will turn any party into a dance extravaganza! The Grooves have played at just about every venue the area and know more than many Houston bands how to get the most out of the acoustics of every venue to insure the best sound for your event. In effect, The Grooves band can cover many genres of songs in their repertoire from all eras and can play one style of music if you prefer, such as country, standards, or disco. Take a look at this local Houston bands video which was shot live at Cool River Cafe in Austin, Texas. The Grooves are the funnest of local Houston cover bands consisting of some of the best musicians in Houston, Texas and from across the state. The Grooves band is a favorite of Fortune 500 companies . The Grooves band has a very diverse song selection compared to other local Houston bands and has the uncanny ability to judge the crowd and play the right songs at the right time to any age audience. Known as the best of Top 40 cover bands in Houston, The Grooves are your go to band for your favorite hits.

The Grooves have played for thousands of events both public and private including:

» The Miss U.S.A. Pageant» Century 21
» Valero Energy» Suez Energy
» Santa Fe Energy » American Red Cross
» Dell» McDonald’s
» American Boiler» Exxon
» Baker Hughes» Toyota
» Southwest Airlines» General Electric
» Blue Cross Blue Shield» Bank of America
» IBM» National Instruments
» Mobil» Conoco
» AIG» Apple
» General Motors» Chevron

and the list of satisfied customers goes on...


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The Grooves have been the premier of Houston cover bands for Hire for weddings, corporate parties and fund raisers since 1991

The Grooves cover band is the number one most requested of Houston bands for hire specializing in corporate parties fund raisers and weddings. The Grooves band's mission is to deliver an electrifying show to all ages. The Grooves offer a small version of the group for small functions, but can also expand this already knockout band into a ten piece super group for even the largest of events. In effect, The Grooves can peform many different eras of music depending on what style you want. This super group has over one hundred seventy songs in their repertoire which is much more than most Houston cover bands and can play several hours of one style of music if you prefer, such as country, standards, or disco. Be sure and check out our live video which was shot at Cool River Cafe in Austin, Texas. The Grooves are Texas' hottest party band consisting of some of the most phenomenal musicians in Texas. This knockout group also performs not just in Houston, TX but in San Antonio and Dallas and all across Texas. Have The best of Houston live bands is The Grooves for your wedding reception, corporate party, gala, debutante ball, birthday party, barmitzvah or other special event. Don’t take a chance on your entertainment, guarantee a rollicking good time with the band that’s proved time and again to get the crowd off their feet and on the dance floor..... The Grooves!

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This super group is a favorite of Houston cover bands for hire and specializes in weddings and corporate parties. This knockout group is able to assess the crowd and play hit after hit tailored to the demographic of the crowd picking songs that get the best crowd response. For corporate parties and weddings where there are many different age groups, this group is uncanny at playing songs that can be enjoyed by all and always insures that the dance floor will be packed to the very end. There are many Houston bands for hire but none with the huge song selection of the Grooves. This group is uncanny at playing the right songs at the right time to keep the dance floor packed all night and your guests getting down till the end of the night. The Grooves play so many shows in cities across Texas that they are considered and Austin local band, a houston local band, a Dallas local band, and San Antonio local band and are touted to be the best wedding band in Texas.

The Grooves is a favorite of Houston cover bands

The Grooves are a band that was formed in 1991 and immediately rose to the top of Houston cover bands with their huge song selection and ability to "play to the crowd" switching styles and genres to keep the dance floor packed and the energy of the party hopping all night long. The Grooves are one of the best live bands in Houston for weddings, corporate parties and fund raisers. You can't go wrong with the Grooves band for your Houston wedding entertainment.


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Live Music In Houston Texas

There are many famous Houston top 40 cover bands for hire that people don't realize have come from this live music mecca. Beyonce, Chris Whitley, Clint Black and ZZ top are some of the more famous names that have cut their teeth on their careers in this thriving musical metropolis. Some other not as famous but quite successful Houston bands have also emerged on the scene such as The Irish rock group The Blaggards, a classic Conjunto Tejano group called Fama, the thrashmetal group DRI and the traditional and contemporary Lonestar Bluegrass Band. The diverse styles of groups from the area show the great musical diversification that is the local Houston music scene. By .


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"Ron, just wanted to say thanks so much to you and the Grooves for doing such a great job at our holiday party! Out of all the different Houston bands we looked at, the styles of music you play were perfect for the diverse crowd at the party. Everything from the country to seventies and eighties was a big hit as you could see from the packed dance floor! I was really pleased that you also played a lot of current music as well towards the end of the night. Most groups we looked at when we were deciding on hiring a group were moldy oldies groups and didn't have any new music and your mix of styles and eras was just perfect! Thanks again for a wonderful job!!"

Cheryl Finn

"Hey Grooves, you rocked the house last Saturday and everyone has been talking about your performance all week. i loved the high energy show and the dance contest got everyone jigging like i've never seen before (some of those moves they were doing shouldn't be seen anymore :) All in all a perfect night and we're difinetely going to have you guys back next year! All the best!!"

Sarah Miller

"Hey Ron and the Grooves! I can't thank you enough for making our party a smash hit! I've never seen my boss dancing like that and shaking his rump so hard. That was a riot and we'd love to get you back for our upcoming networking party. I liked the fact that you could play softly during dinner where folks could still talk but enjoy the music as well. Many of the Houston bands we looked at didn't have a dinner set. I was really worried about that part of the night but as usual you all are pros and were perfect to the end. Thanks again for such a great time!"

Renee Vellweger

"Ron, i had to tell you how much you had everyone talking about your band. Wonderful, talented, fun...I heard all that and more. You played such a great mix of music and everyone with all musical tastes and all ages got to hear some of their favorites. I was concerned that no one would dance and boy was i wrong. The dance floor was packed all night and you sure did a great job at keeping it that way. You will difinitely hear from us for next year's party. "

Angie Boothe

"Thank you so much for making our New Braunfels reception the party of the century! Your band was fabulous, and as you saw all our family and friends were cutting a rug all night long! You were definitely the best pick out of all the other New Braunfels groups we looked at and i'm so glad we picked you! Everyone in your band is so talented, and we loved your choices of music. I don't think the evening could have been more successful. I will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends who are getting married. Thanks again."

Bill Tyler

" You guys made the party! When you said for me not to pick songs that you played to the crowd, I wasn't sure if it would be such a good idea but it worked wonders at keeping the energy up and the party having a packed dance floor to the very end. I'm glad i didn't have to pick songs because I would have never thought of some of the ones you played and they went over like gang busters. All in all a perfect night!"

Tom Muller

"Super! Wonderful! Excellent! Every superlative adjective in the dictionary pertains to your wonderful sound. Thank you for being a key part of the Saturday, March 10 wedding of Kathryn Smith and Nicholas Tylutki. You were really super! Ron, you were particularly helpful to me by setting up a microphone for the vocalist and helping me walk through the schedule of events prior to the wedding. I didn't get a chance to say thank you in person, but please know that we will do our best to promote The Grooves in the future."

Patricia Smith

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