The Best of San Antonio Cover Bands is The Grooves!

The Grooves Band of San Antonio - Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves!

Best San Antonio Cover bands for Business parties, weddings, or Charity parties

The Grooves cover band is the number one band in the San Antonio area for your wedding, business party or charity fundraiser playing hit favorites from all eras. This great San Antonio cover band performs family friendly favorites that are appreciated by all ages that are present at these diverse events. Most San Antonio cover bands specialize in one area of entertainment but the Grooves band is one of the most versatile bands out there that can perform a laid back back dinner set or cocktail hour set and then pack the dance floor with an outrageous show and dance set. The band comes fully self contained with all sound and lights and also comes complete with an MC to announce all your events throughout the night. The band also will DJ music on breaks and can put together a custom DJ list to play any songs that the band doesn't perform live giving you the best of both worlds, DJ and live band.



The Grooves band has been the go to choice for Fortune 500 companies since 1991 performing for many companies including but not limited to the following:

» McKesson » Prudiential
» General Electric San Antonio music

» Low'es

» CVS Health San Antonio band » Pepsi
» AT and T San Antonio wedding music » Lowes
» Walgreens wedding singer » Coca Cola
» CVS Health corporate functions » UPS
»Costco San Antonio corporate cover bands » AIG
» Kroger cover bands » Wellsfargo
» HP corporate cover bands »Freddie Mac
»Citigroup San Antonio private party music » Johnson & Johnson
» Aetna dance music » Alphabet
» United Technologies wedding bands » Target


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the best of San antonio cover bands for a multitude of events

TThe Grooves of San Antonio are the number one choice of San Antonio cover bands for weddings and provide an MC to announce all events including cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss and toasts and can provide a microphone if needed. The Grooves are a hand picked group of musicians of the highest quality and are the easiest to work with, insuring a smooth, successful event. The band is on just about all recommended vendor lists of venues all across Texas and is touted as the best of San Antonio cover bands for hire.

The band travels to all cities in TX


For pricing and booking call Ron at 512-507-0589

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San Antonio Live Cover Bands

San Antonio has always had a tradition of live music. From Mariachis to the live cover bands playing dance hits, you can always add life to a party by having a live band. Info by . The Grooves have been perfomring in San Antonio on the Riverwalk and all across San Antonio and Central Texas since 1991. This high energy band always plays the right music and always at the right volume without being too loud so that guests can't communicate easily. If you're looking for the best cover band in the San Antonio area, look no further than The Grooves band.


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"Ron, you guys were fantastic! I especially liked how you played some of the older genre of music at the first of the night when the older folks were still there and then progressed through the decades to eventually playing a lot of the current hits at the end of the night. It was like a musical walk through the decades. The talent of your vocalists was amazing, they sounded just like the original artists!"

Judy Perez

"Hi Ron! Thank you so much for the amazing performance you and your wonderful band put on at my daughter's wedding reception. I really appreciate all the time you spent with me on the phone going over all the events of the evening, it was our first time with one of our children's wedding receptions and you really put me at ease assuring me that all would go off without a hitch. I also wanted to thank you for being our make-shift wedding coordinator and MC being as we didn't have one. You really went above and beyond the call of duty in that regard and i really appreciate it. Your band was absolutely the hit of the night with that huge varitey of styles that you performed. I kept getting asked all night, where did you find this amazing band? They all laughed when i said, "the internet". Thanks again for a wonderful and memorable evening!"

Albert Gonzales

"We found you performing at Cedar Street Courtyard when we were Downtownt and after seeing the packed dance floor and the crowd's response to the band, we decided that you would be perfect for our Holiday party. Sure enough, the rest is history and we'll be having you back every year. "

Helenna Johnson

"We had been out to see several different San Antonio cover bands to try to decide on a good fit for our convention on the river walk but when we saw your band we knew that your were the winner. The great variety of fun upbeat music was the deciding factor and sure as rain, you brought the house down. Thanks for showing us such an awesome time at our party."

Ginny Rodriguez

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