San Antonio Wedding Bands - Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves!

San Antonio Wedding Bands - Texas' favorite dance party band is The Grooves
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The Favorite of San Antonio Wedding Bands is The Grooves

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The Grooves have been known as the best of local San Antonio wedding bands and wedding singers since 1991 with their fabulous array of hit songs from sixties, seventies and eighties all the way up to the hottest current dance hits. The high energy of this great band can carry your wedding reception to new hights packing the dance floor with your friends and family all the way to the very end of the night unlike any other band. The band's main forte is wedding receptions and they have played literally thousands of receptions in their 22 year history in just about every venue in the San Antonio area and are recommended by many of these venues and wedding coordinators to their brides and grooms as a guaranteed home run for their reception. The band has a very classy set that they play while guests are eating dinner that includes classics like Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Etta James as well as current hits from artists such as Michael Buble, Nora Jones and Jason Mraz to name a few. The volume is always perfect and never too loud so your guests can enjoy their dinner and easily converse.The band leader also is your acting Master of Ceremonies and can announce all your special activities such as toasts or bouquet and garter toss and will also provide a microphone for any speeches. The band can perform in tux or coat and tie all night or wear outrageous costumes laster in the night for that extra blast of excietment. Unlike some bands that are too loud and make your guests scurry for cover, the Grooves band always has the perfect volume and can custom tailor their volume on the fly per your request.

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The band's goal at wedding receptions is to keep the energy rocking all the way to the very end of the night keeping the dance floor packed and your guests partying the night away until closing time. Unlike other bands, the Grooves band has a huge song selection and draws from this great variety of songs picking songs throughout the night based on crowd response to insure that every song is a hit with your guests building the energy of the party through the night. The Grooves' dinner set always adds a wonderful touch of class to your wedding reception with the brass section and combination of classic and current hits. The Grooves band is the best of local San Antonio bands for wedding receptions and always a hit.

How to pick the best band for your wedding reception

Many bands are well known for their great versatility at making a wedding reception successful, but how do you find the right one out of the huge selection of bands? A cover band is always going to be far more successful than an original band at a wedding reception and hiring the best cover bands is going to be your mission for a successful reception. The following paragraphs will tell you exactly how to pick your band, just make sure your band has all the features that I've described in each paragraph and you will come out with a great band for your wedding reception.

For starters, you should check out the list of songs the band performs. Does the band have a huge selection of tunes to play from all eras? Remember, you will have everyone at your reception from your young cousins and nieces to your grandparents, so music from the fifties on up to current is needed. Another thing to think about is that even if the band has a ton of variety in the their song list, each of these songs needs to be one that all age groups can enjoy. Another point is when your guests are eating dinner during the reception, the band needs to have a softer set with more standards and slower music during this time, so check the band's song list to see if they have the right tunes for this.

Next, after the band passes the variety song list test, take a listen to the band's demos. Most professional wedding bands will have a live video to view and it's a great way to see and hear what the band sounds like live at the same time. After making your decisions to three or four bands, check their schedule and view a live show. This is the most critical test of all.

A little known secret is that it's important that the drummer is playing electronic drums in a wedding band. When a drummer is playing an acoustic kit, his volume is extremely loud and this causes all the rest of the band to turn up to hear themselves over the den of the acoustic kit. Next thing you know, the band is at an incredibly loud volume and your guests are being deafened and the old folks are running for the door. A band with this trouble is unable to perform a set during the dinner hour as it will drive everyone out of the ballroom and seeking the nearest drug store to buy some ear plugs. Unless the drummer is a very light hitter on the acoustic drums (a rarity) electronic drums are far superior for weddings as they are far quieter and sound a lot better at a lower volume than acoustic drums.

Fourth, does your band have a female vocalist? It's important to have a female vocalist to sing all the favorite tunes sung by women that your crowd is going to want to hear. Having those tunes in the band's arsenal can prove to be the key to a successful evening.

The end thing to look at and probably most critical in most people's opinion is what the cost of the band is. Most pro bands are very talented and the cream of the crop is going to cost more than the bottom tier bands but in this arena, you get what you pay for. Wedding bands that earn less money usually get less money for a reason. There are few reasons that professional wedding bands command the higher dollar than amateur bands. One is that they simply sound incredible and often sound exactly like the record when they perform songs by the original artist which will always awe your guests and the compliments on your band will be coming for months to come after your reception. The second reason is that an experienced band will have a huge song list that allows them to judge crowd response to the tunes they play and use that to decide which styles they perform most during the night. This insures that the dance floor stays packed and your guests don't leave half way through the reception.

To add it all up, most bands need a large number of popular radio tunes, have an awesome sound, have lots of energy while they are performing, have a drummer with electronic drums or a light hitter, come with a female vocalist and be the most professional band you can afford. Also, go out and see some of the live entertainment at some live music venues.


Not In San Antonio? Check Out Where In Texas The Grooves Perform

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Wedding and party Venues In San Antonio Texas

The Grooves have been the premier of affordable San Antonio wedding bands since 1991 and have played just about all of the wedding and party venues in San Antonio, Texas in that time. This band knows the ins and outs of all the venues including how the room sounds, if there are any issues with power supplies for the band's PA system and light show, stage size and all other aspects of a live show and can head off any problems that might arise to insure a hitch-free successful event. Here's a partial list of some of the San Antonio event venues where the band has performed: St. Anthony Hotel, The Dominion Country Club, San Antonio Country Club, Sunset Station, The J. W. Marriott Resort, The Westin Riverwalk, Oak Hills Country Club, Pearl Stable, Don Strange Ranch, Club Giraud, Southwest School of Art, Los Encinos, Los Patios, Red Oak Ballroom and Mcnay Art Museum to name a few. By .


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The Grooves band will also travel to Fort Sam Houston, Security Services, Kirby, Wilford Hall USAF Hosp, Wetmore, Live Oak, China Grove, Helotes, Converse, Universal City, Bulverde, Macdona, Schertz, Selma, Von Ormy, Atascosa, Saint Hedwig, Cibolo, Adkins, Elmendorf, Rio Medina, Bigfoot, Somerset, Marion, Castroville, Boerne, La Coste, Santa Clara, Poteet, Mico.

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