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Watch us perform! 👇 Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

Watch us perform! ☝️ Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding reception, a corporate function or any other type of event, you want things to go well. You want everyone to have a great time that they’ll remember for years to come. What’s the way to do this? A live cover band, of course! Not only can everyone hear their favorite songs, but they’ll also be able to enjoy a spectacular show from the band. If you can find a spectacular band, that is. There are plenty of Houston, Texas bands for hire but if you’re looking for the best of the best Houston cover bands, there are none as professional and entertaining as The Grooves. We’ve been a favorite of Houston party bands since our inception!

A Bit of What We’re Known for in Houston

As one of the most versatile bands for hire in Texas, we don’t have any cookie cutter experiences. But there are certain things we get a lot of requests for throughout the great, diverse state of Texas. Here are just a sample of things folks from Houston ask us about:

The Kinds of Events We Play

While there are certain types of events we play more than others, we are the most flexible band for hire! No matter what type of event you’re hiring for, we can help it go off without a hitch… unless it’s a wedding, where there will be just one hitch!

What Kind of Events Do We Play?

One Of the Top-Rated Houston Cover Bands for Any Event

The Grooves are the most requested Houston party band for wedding receptions, corporate events, fundraisers, and private parties.

We help make special occasions such as wedding receptions, anniversary parties, and birthdays as much fun as they can possibly be. We thrive on seeing people of all ages having a great time dancing to and enjoying our covers. And we aim to make sure that every set we play is one people will remember and talk about long after it’s over.

As for corporate events, fundraisers, and galas, we keep it classy, choosing the style of music, our attire, and choreography carefully to maintain a professional, high-end feel. Our goal is to impress you and all your guests, including clients and other VIP’s.

Not to mention that we also help to create buzz and excitement surrounding events in the first place. Especially in the case of fundraisers, videos of our live performances go a long way in getting people hyped to attend and buy tickets. We start the party even before the party!

We Know the Houston Music Scene

One of the Best Local Houston Bands for Hire

Many famous names have risen to stardom (and even superstardom) after getting their starts in the thriving Houston music scene. ZZ Top, Clint Black, Chris Whitley, and Beyonce are among them. There have also been many cover bands who’ve had great success in keeping it local. Maybe you’ve heard of The Blaggards, an Irish rock group or Fama, a classic Conjunto Tejano group. And then there’s the thrash metal group DRI and the traditional and contemporary Lonestar Bluegrass Band.

As you can tell, the Houston music scene is incredibly diverse. The Grooves fit right in! We have been a favorite cover band in the city since 1991 partially because of our rare ability to play so many styles of music while still being true to the original songs.

Where We Play

As One of the Top Houston Party Bands, We've Played All Over Town

Where do The Grooves play? Everywhere. We’ve performed at nearly every venue in Houston including Briscoe Manor, Tuscany Villa, Houston Country Club, Hotel ZaZa, Rockefeller Hall, and La Colombe d’Or.

Our familiarity with so many local venues makes planning your event so much easier as we can give you an idea of what to expect. Plus, when we arrive, we can set up faster and get to work doing what we do best—playing music!

The Best Houston Cover Bands Have Something For Everyone

Genres & Decades We Play (So Well, You'll Think You're Hearing the Real Deal!)

Speaking of playing music, we do a little of everything. Need an 80’s cover band in Houston, Texas? A Motown cover band? Do you like another genre or a mix of them? Just let us know what you like and we can play it. We’re not limited. Our talent transcends genres and decades, allowing us to adapt and be the band you need for your unique event.

We play hit songs from early as the 50’s and 60’s up to today’s popular music. And people just can’t seem to get enough of our energetic covers no matter whether we’re playing Latin music, jazz standards, classic rock or anything else.

We’ve got more than 170 songs in our repertoire that we know people absolutely love. These include classics from Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Merle Haggard. Not to mention more recent favorites from Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and others. Unlike many other cover bands who play predetermined sets, we adjust ours as we go based on crowd response. This way, people get to hear their favorite tunes and there’s no lapse in the fun!

Planning an Event in Houston, Texas?

If you’re considering live music for your upcoming event, you’ll want nothing less than one of the best Houston cover bands—The Grooves. Our track record speaks for itself. We are the most professional, flexible, entertaining band for hire in the city.

We make the process of hiring a band a breeze with friendly, responsive communication. We are extremely flexible and can cater to a variety of needs. For example, we offer different band sizes, additional equipment, costumes, and so much more to ensure that things look and go just the way you want. And you can’t forget that we’re some of the most passionate and most experienced musicians in all of Texas!

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