Find the Best Venues in Houston That Have Room for A Live Band and a Dance Floor

We've researched a lot of wedding venues in Houston and found the best venues that can allow your Houston wedding band to perform to their fullest.

There are many romantic wedding venues in Houston available for your special day and many brides and grooms want to have a live band at their reception. Some venues have limited space or inadequate power for a live wedding band. We have saved you some time and done some research to find out which venues in Houston have everything you need for a live band. Here is a listing of some of the most romantic venues worth considering for your wedding reception.

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Shirley Acres

217 Woerner Road, Houston, Texas 77090


This is a 13-acre property that is adjacent to Cypress Creek and is a nice romantic wedding venue that you can find in the Houston area. It has a gorgeous courtyard that will be a great spot to say, “I do.” Meet your groom after your “bridal march,” and exchange wedding vows under a cedar arbor. For the wedding reception, you can enjoy a live wedding band and celebrate your special day with your family and friends. It’s one of the most romantic wedding venues in Houston, and you will surely enjoy and cherish this particular moment of your life. Feel the magic of your special day with Shirley Acres and have a wedding that everyone will remember. If you will also have hired a live Houston Wedding band to perform at your wedding, then this venue will have all the amenities for your band such as electrical power to the stage area and plenty of room for a dance floor.

Shirley acres wedding on Woerner Road in Houston, TX.

River Oaks Garden Club

2503 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77098


Available to rent for wedding receptions and other events, the River Oaks Garden Club is a beautiful garden that was built in 1910 and is recognized as a Historic site by the national register of historic places.   There is plenty of room to hire a wedding band in Houston and this venue is located centrally in the Houston area along Westheimer road, so it’s a short drive no matter where your wedding guests live in Houston.  There is lots of beautiful flora at this venue to make beautiful scenery for your wedding and can please the most picky bride and groom.

River Oaks Garden Club wedding venue in Central Houston, Texas.

Formula Garage

4119 Allen St, Houston, TX


Getting the best wedding venue without worrying about the food and drinks is rare, but you don’t have to worry about this when you have your wedding at the Formula Garage. Formula Garage offers almost everything that you need for your wedding. It has a fully-equipped kitchen as well as a full bar and lounge for your guests. The catering is inhouse, so you dont have to find a separate caterer for your wedding celebration or rehearsal dinner. It’s a perfect wedding venue for couples who happened to be automotive enthusiasts. This innovative wedding venue has lots of automotive art, a racing car garage theme and is filled with exotic cars.  It also offers an exotic car rental to ferry off the bride and groom at the end of the wedding reception. There is also plenty of room for a local cover band from the houston area and this wedding venue also provides all the electrical power necessary for both power and lights that your wedding music band will need to perform a great show at your reception.

Formula Garage, a unique venue for a wedding reception.

The Grand Texana Historic Wedding Barn

Houston, Texas, United States


One of Houston’s best wedding barns, (that sounds like a cow barn 🙂 is actually an elegant, rustic and romantic chapel for the ceremony and a separate white barn for the wedding reception amidst pecan orchards and scenic green ranch land. This venue will host a live wedding band very nicely and the venue also offers all inclusive wedding plans to suit any budget.   Located between Houston and College Station, the venue is in the middle of Texas ranch country and provides a rustic country wedding atmosphere. Take a free tour of this stunning historic Texas wedding barn venue and experience its charms!

Tiny Boxwoods

3614 W Alabama St, Houston, TX, United States


This trim garden restaurant is a perfect setting for your wedding reception with its grand and 16-foot tall ceilings. This interesting eatery makes the perfect wedding venue with its lush and trim landscaping, and immaculate lawns. The large hall where you will have your reception has plenty of room for a live band and leaves lots of room for a dance floor for your guests to dance the night away.  

Hughes Manor

2811 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX, United States


Hughes Manor is Houston’s premiere wedding and event venue that marries Modern Luxury and Industrial-Chic décor to give your wedding the perfect backdrop for your special day.  There is a quaint courtyard for the ceremony with lush green grass and  lattice work that combines both a modern and rustic feel while still being elegant. The courtyard also provides plenty of space if you have a ceremony band such as a string quartet, solo guitarist, pianist or duo playing your wedding march as you walk down the aisle.  The hall for the wedding reception has a stage at one end for the band  and a large dance floor for your wedding guests.  Wedding packages include a 5 hour rental for both wedding ceremony and reception and wedding suites  are available 6 hours prior to the ceremony.  There is also both indoor and outdoor spaces for cocktail hour and plenty of room for a jazz band or cocktail musician. Also included is a two hour bridal portrait session to be conducted sometime a week prior to the wedding. In case you’re a little nervous, this wedding venue offers a one hour wedding rehearsal period for you to get the kinks out before the real deal.

Hughes Manor has plenty of space for a largish wedding cover band and also has room in outdoor spaces for a jazz band or cocktail musician for happy hour.

Station 3

1919 Houston Avenue, Houston, Texas, United States


Do you want to add more fire to your romance? Then Station 3 is an interesting wedding venue that is an actual historic old rustic fire station . It’s also known as the Stonewall, which is the oldest fire station in Houston. There is an upstairs where they host the dinner and downstairs is the ballroom where you host your live wedding band. It is very historic and authentic replete with an actual jail cell in the downstairs area. It can accommodate 150 guests, which makes it perfect for a smaller intimate occasion.  

Station 3 has that rustic charm and a great space downstairs for a cover band and dance floor.

The Astorian

2500 Summer Street, Houston, TX, United States


Time travel to the past with The Astorian on your wedding day. It’s the best wedding venue for those who like the glamour of the ’20s. It’s a replica of New York’s Grand Central Station conceived by Andrea Design and certainly will be a hit with your wedding guests as a different twist on the same old tired wedding party. There is plenty of room inside have a live band for you wedding and they have plenty of electrical for the band for both sound system and light.  The building has been designated by The Houston Historical Society as a historical landmark adding to the authenticity of this unique wedding theme.   The venue features its own catering so that you don’t have to worry about outsourcing the catering for your wedding dinner feast.

The Gallery

6303 Beverly Hill Street, Houston, Texas 77057


If you want to have a casual and Mediterranean feel for your wedding, then The Gallery is your wedding venue. Exchange your vows and be surrounded with stone terraces, ivy-covered walls, a picture-perfect fountain with cascading flowers and lush landscaping throughout.  There is an onsite venue manager to oversee the reception a luxurious bridal suite available 3 hours prior to the ceremony to do hair, makeup and dressing if the ceremony is at The Gallery.  There is also access to the groom’s lounge for relaxing prior to the wedding.  There is plenty of space for a cover band and dance floor as well.  

The Bell Tower

901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018, United States


The Bell Tower is a spectacular Mediterranean venue inspired by grand Italian villas and luxurious haciendas and adds an awesome touch of class to any wedding reception.  The venue also has water falls, stylish ballrooms and cascading staircases, grand chandeliers as well as plenty of parking onsite for all of your guests.  The ballrooms all have plenty of space for a live Houston wedding band and dance floor with optional colorful built in dance floor lighting and accent lighting where you get to choose the colors.  There are many choices of event and ballroom packages to meet any budget and dressing rooms, the dinner, standard tables, mahogany Chiavari chairs, and either ivory or black napkins, china, silverware, and chefs, servers and culinary staff are all included. 

The Bell Tower on 34th is a great venue for a live wedding band and has that Italian charm.

All the Houston wedding venues listed here are great for a reception with a live band.  Be sure and check out these venues and if you find one you like, you’ll know they have all the facilities that your live band will need to put on a great show and keep your crowd on the dance floor all night!

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