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Watch us perform! 👇 Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

Watch us perform! ☝️ Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

What’s the best way to bring any event to life and knock the socks off your guests? Music and a show, of course! That’s where we come in. We provide spectacular, custom entertainment for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and fundraisers. No matter the type of event, we always bring the greatest energy and the highest level of professionalism.

Have you been on the hunt for local bands for hire near you to take an upcoming event to the next level? The search ends here with one of the highest-rated and best cover bands in Texas—The Grooves!

Music We Play

The Grooves band is like all of your favorite artists in one! We play songs from a wide range of genres and decades so that everyone—young, young-at-heart, country fans, rock fans, R & B lovers, and others alike—will all have an amazing time at your event.

We can rock the party the way you want, no matter your musical tastes!

Planning a Great Event is Tricky

The #1 thing people stress out about is whether or not guests will have a good time at their event. Naturally, you want people to have a blast and so you look into entertainment and, specifically, music. You could go for a DJ, sure. But you know there’s just no way to beat the energy of a live band.

Like you, many people feel that live music is the way to go to make their event a hit. But there are a couple of common worries that bug them. One, they worry about the professionalism of the bands they find. “Will they have the proper equipment? Will they embarrass us? Will they show up on time?”

And, two, they worry that the band they choose will be way too loud and actually prevent people from having a good time.

Do you share these concerns? If so, we can understand why. But we’re glad to say that these aren’t concerns you’ll have when working with The Grooves.

What Makes The Grooves Band Different?

There are no two ways about it. The Grooves is a professional cover band. When we say “professional”, we don’t just mean that we show up on time with our equipment and avoid getting drunk and falling offstage. Of course, we check those boxes. But we go way beyond that.

Unlike many live bands for hire, we’re not just a bunch of weekend warriors who play shows on the side to earn a few extra bucks. This is what we do and we’ve put a lot of sweat and tears into mastering the art of entertainment. One thing we’ve learned is that flexibility is key.

A top cover band knows when to ramp up the energy to keep the party going and when to tone it down, when to command attention and when to take a step back. We go with the flow, always paying attention to what’s happening and how people are responding to us. Then, we adjust accordingly (and, yes, this includes changing our volume).

But our professionalism doesn’t just show on the day of an event. Unlike many other bands who go silent for days on end after booking and who take their sweet time getting you the info you need, we work hard at being responsive and easy to work with from start to finish. We don’t just make events a blast. We make the process of hiring a cover band itself an absolute delight. By having all the bases covered, it takes the load off of your shoulders so that you can feel great about your choice of entertainment!

The Grooves Dance Band Always Starts the Party!

Our goal is the same as yours. You want a rocking party and we want to help you put one together! By being responsive from the start and being flexible in terms of what you need, we set your event up for success. Then, our musical chops are what seal the deal on the day of. In fact, many people tell us we sound just like the record!

The Grooves band truly does provide the ultimate entertainment. People can’t help but have a blast listening to our authentic covers of all their favorite songs.

How People Find Us

When you’ve been gigging all over Texas as long as we have playing for crowds and clients of every type, people find you all kinds of ways! Some through Google reviews, some through wedding planning sites like WeddingWire and The Knot, some more on Facebook, and a great many through referrals from past clients and audience members. Some find us by searching Google for specialized professional bands such as:

Professional Band for Hire Throughout Texas

If you’re in Texas and need a professional cover band, let us know. We’d love to help start your party!