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The Best Of Austin Country Bands For Corporate, Weddings, Fund Raisers, and Parties

Watch us perform! 👇 Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

Watch us perform! ☝️ Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

The Country Grooves are a long-established Austin band that specializes in providing the highest quality Country and variety entertainment for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, galas, birthday parties, reunions, and much more. The Grooves formed in Austin back in 1991 and come highly recommended for any party looking to hear some good ol’ Texas made Country music as well as some crowd-pleasing top 40 dance music. We’ll bring the best music, best performance, and the best quality sound and lighting production that Texas country has to offer.

Your Go-To country Band

Austin is home base for us. Over the years, we’ve played thousands of shows here so, as you can imagine, we’ve performed at just about every major event center in the city. These include Krystal Falls, The Driskill, Casa Blanca On Brushy Creek, Cedar Street Courtyard, and many other popular venues.

We’ve been around. That gives us and you an advantage. We know what to expect with each venue including size, acoustics, setup, and so on. This enables us to help you prepare well for your event, get set up quickly, and play the best sets possible at the right volume.

Why Choose The Grooves Country Band?


Proper song selection is the one of the ways we keep people tuned in all night and with our 200 plus song selection, we know exactly what the crowd wants to hear from minute to minute based on crowd response. We also recommend you request favorite hits to guarantee you get to hear all your favorites. If the band doesn’t perform the songs live, we can put together a custom DJ list of your favorite hits to DJ on our breaks. We can even throw in a few songs from other genres so the crowd gets a little variety thrown in the mix and also take requests through the night. The Grooves dance songs also include music from other styles such as Motown, reggae, swing, soul music, latin, r&b, and pop.


The band’s performance is staged in accordance with the agenda for the evening. For weddings our Country cover band usually start off during cocktail hour or dinner and play slower and mid tempo music at a lower volume so people can enjoy their conversations and cocktails without having to leave the room. Come party time, we perform high energy, full throttle entertainment that focuses on keeping the dance floor full with audience interaction. The Grooves engage the crowd with one sing-a-long after another in a series of rehearsed medleys and transitions all without missing a beat. Our talented musicians also play all your requests and DJ any songs that are not on our performance list to make sure you get to hear every one of your country favorites as well as any other genre you prefer. If you’re looking for an Austin Country cover band that can play tons of 90’s Country music, our band knows lots of fun 90’s hits.


The Grooves provide quality sound and lighting production that surpasses the other bands attempting to play in our league. We have the best quality sound system with a brand new, state of the art mixing console, wireless microphones for the singers and a digital drum set that perfectly suits the needs of any room the party’s in. Our light show is unparalleled with our light engineer providing the best party lights for any song the crowd is ready to dance to.

country Performances Including (But not Limited to!) Companies Like:

Samples of Our Band Playing Hot country Songs Live

We can also perform lots of poptop 40 hits, and tons more from all ages as well! 

Find our full song list here.

Versatile Band Lineups

The Grooves performance is customizable in size to best suit your party needs. The band consists of anywhere between a 4-piece to a 10-piece band depending on the kind of atmosphere our clients are looking for. Our basic 4-piece band is comprised of lead female vocals, lead and backup male vocals, guitar player, bass player and drummer all with only 4 people. For our larger-scale performances, we pull out all the stops. With our 10-piece powerhouse performance we’ll provide 3 gorgeous female vocalists, 3 male vocalists who also play guitar, bass, and tenor sax, with a trumpet player, baritone sax player, trombone player and one outstanding drummer that keeps the engine revved up all night. The band can also dress to match a custom theme for your party be it a western denim and diamonds flare to formal, to business casual. The band can also perform just about any style you want as well and can mix in top forty, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s all the way up to current music. A good mix of music is often key to a successful event.

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