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Watch us perform! 👇 Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

Watch us perform! ☝️ Like what you see? You can get a free quote or ask us anything before you book.

Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies

We’ve been hired (and rehired) by numerous Fortune 500 companies to perform at their company functions. We bet you’ll recognize a few of these names!
Other names include:

Company Event Performances

When you need to provide entertainment for employees, clients and other guests at company events, live music is the way to go. Our three gorgeous girls sing beautifully and put on a fully choreographed show that’s guaranteed to impress everyone in attendance.

The Best Corporate Event Live Band?

Many bands claim that they’re the best band for corporate events. But are they really? Well, you wouldn’t believe how often we hear from frustrated folks who’ve had run-ins with unprofessional bands or who’ve attended corporate events that fell flat and made a lackluster impression on important guests.

When they deal with us, though, the experience is like night and day. They, like you, want a live band who will entertain everyone and make sure that guests have a great time. They want to impress clients and other important guests in attendance and hope with all their might that the band they choose will be professional and make them look good. The Grooves make all of the above happen!

Pulling Off Spectacular Company Events

What role do we play in making sure that your events go off without a hitch? Several things. For one thing, our talented musicians bring all of the equipment they need including top-notch sound systems and lights, which helps to keep your event on schedule and adds to that high-end feel that will impress everyone.

Additionally, based on the information you give us about the type of event you’re hosting, we play the type of music that will be best to keep everyone entertained and make a great impression. Whether you’re planning a dance party, dinner party, cocktail hour, or other event, we’ll be there to enhance the experience. If it’s a holiday dance party, we’ll keep the dance floor moving all night. Entertaining clients? Prepare to impress. And we always play at an appropriate volume so that people can enjoy our performances, as well as conversations with others.

At the end of the day, you’ll get balanced, top-quality corporate entertainment that everyone will love. We’ll tell you, The Grooves are a real crowd pleaser!

Why We’re the Best Live Band For Corporate Events

While The Grooves know how to rock any type of event, we really stand out above the rest for corporate events due to our impeccable professionalism and flexibility. If we had to narrow it to a handful of reasons why The Grooves band sites head and shoulders above other corporate event bands, here’s what we’d say:

We’re Entertainers to Our Cores

At our core, we are passionate entertainers that find it so gratifying to see people enjoying music together. Over the past 26+ years, we’ve mastered the art of energetic, authentic, impressive performances. Your attendees are going to have the time of their lives.

Consummate Professionals

We are the cream of the crop when it comes to all-around professionalism and, unlike many bands and DJs out there, would never do anything to ruin your event or damage your reputation. We are prompt and professional in our communication and always show up on time with everything needed to wow attendees.

5 to 10-Piece Corporate Event Band

It can be tough to find affordable bands for corporate events who can do things the way you want them done. However, we are mindful of budget limitations and do our best to be flexible. In fact, you have a choice between a 5 and 10-piece band for corporate events.

Flexible, Adaptable, Customizable

The Grooves are also flexible in terms of adjusting to the atmosphere and flow of events. We play a mellow set while meals are being served and a higher energy set when it’s time for us to put on a show. We can even offer custom options from attire/costumes to add-on entertainment like a jazz piano show.

Professional Band for Hire Throughout Texas

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